2020 Scott Community Foundation Committees

Bylaws and Policies Committee
Clint Pearson – Chair

Dorothy Hutchins

Investment Committee
Myles Vulgamore – Chair

Chad Griffith
Tracy Hess
Baylee Rosin
Dorothy Hutchins
Troy Lewis

Nominating Committee
Josh Bailey
Chad Griffith
Nancy Hess
Jerrold Unruh

Committees of Trustees and Non-Trustees for 2019:

SCF Holdings, LLC Committee
Duane Ramsey – Chair

John Fairleigh
Chaston Hoeme
Clint Pearson
Ryan Roberts
Chad Unruh
Myles Vulgamore

Grant Committee
Sidney Janzen – Chair

Sue Eitel
Cozette Buckner
Josh Bailey
Jill Berning
Chandler Cupp
Shane Faurot
Kelly Hoeme
Lori Krause
Myles Vulgamore

Healthcare Committee
Jena Brunswig
Jeri Grove
Kelly Hoeme
Jim Rodenbeek
Dr. James Yager
Edith Tarango

Marketing Committee
Kim Wilkinson
Scott Holt
Lindsay Singley
Kelli Eisenhour

Scholarship Committee
Tracy Hess – Chair

Josh Bailey
Hugh Binns
Leah Jennison
Steve Fenster
Dorothy Hutchins
Clint Pearson
Gina Ramsey
Baylee Rosin
Julie Mason

Walking Trail Committee
Mindi Edwards
Nancy Goodman
Suzanne Griffith
Scott Recreation Dept.
Mike Todd

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